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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, it's still a matter of balance. I have been busy building a website and fretting over the neglect of the blogspot! Now that the website is hopefully complete, I can share in the fun and facts flying through the www on bolgspot.

I need some of your brains to mingle with my efforts to give me perspective, and, there it is again, balance. When you get a chance check it out.    (Look I'm practicing with the links button!)
What would you do differently if you were constructing this site?

I met some amazing men and women working out at Indy Boot Camp yesterday. I'm not kidding, those folks were working out like marines. I teamed up with the leader of the boot camp to offer the total package: activity and nutrition. He's activity; I'm nutrition.

We are going to do a weight control program for those who are interested in learning more nutrition facts to supplement their super workout efforts. I'm calling it the UN-Diet program. Just need to balance the in and the out with calories with the right variety of food choices. Going to make it a positive experience.

Now take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful site below.

    One of my favorite cruising grounds: South Benjamin Island, Lake Huron


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  1. It was good to sit next to you at blog 201! Good luck with your blog! ~sweet tater at