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Thursday, April 29, 2010

One, two, three. I followed the numbers in Blog 101 to get here, and here I am. There are important things to share, stories to tell, problems to solve, and belly laughs to swap and make us healthy. Yes, healthy! It's healthy to laugh. Laugh hard and often, daily. It cures us of all sorts of aliments.

It's all about wellness. It's about balance and loving life and taking care of one another.

I met some incredible people while learning to release those human creative juices, people worth caring for and about. They cared about each other and the world. They loved their families and their friends. You could tell. And we laughed with one another and at ourselves. Now we're ready to gather again and at a higher level. Yeah. We've graduated to Blog 201.

What's new in your life? What's important to you? More important, what's funny to you? I'd really like to know. Here's a funny from me.

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