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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Explanation Exasperation!

Do your eyes bug out when you reach explanation exasperation? You wonder, "What were they thinking, or were they...?" Well, of course they were thinking, maybe even over-thinking! Perhaps this is something that bugs only a few of us. It's just that we like things kept succinct, simple and clear for every one's sake. 

This is  about good ideas.  It's about the word dietitian. At this point I could get serious or silly. Was it a good idea to select the term dietitian to label who we are? Over time I've learned the word is causing problems, especially after choosing a name for my blog in Blog 101 class. (Don't get me wrong. I loved this class; it was a learning highlight, and I'll always be grateful for everyone involved in that program!) "Downtown Dietitian" may have missed the boat in terms of a dual spelling problem. 

You see I learned to spell dietitian with a -tian and not a -cian at the end. But over time I've noticed that most folks spell it with a "c", and checking the dictionary you find both spellings are acceptable. I do not want to miss connections with folks who want to connect with me as much as I want to connect with them because of a "c" or a "t". I kind of like the ring of "Downtown Dietitian" since I live within a metropolitan area.

Then there's that constant question, "Exactly what is a dietitian?". The answer I was taught: a dietitian is a food and nutrition expert. One might think that this is also the definition of a nutritionist. A registered dietitian (RD) is a credential similar to registered nurse (RN). To hold this credential one must meet certain criteria in education and training. Everyone understands the connotation of registered nutritionist without much confusion. However, confusion would result with the designation of "RN" for registered nutritionist since the registered nurses already use it. Hence, the label dietitian or dietician came to be. But are folks unclear about this term and its designation?

Team%20of%20medical%20professionalsCan you identify the dietitian in this photo? I typed in "health care professionals" to find a picture of a dietitian. Within this group shot of a hospital team is a dietitian, let's say the one on the right in the labcoat. Dietitians usually wear labcoats in hospitals and sweats or warm-ups while working at the Army Physical Fitness School! One can't always identify a dietitian by the clothes.

"The American Dietetic Association" is no longer the name of the national professional organization for dietitians. It's been changed to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics. I'll take it! It's a big move in the right direction. What do you think dietitians should call themselves and how should their credential appear since "RN" is already taken? Help me cure my explanation exasperation in this matter. Nutritionist or Dietitian?

Cheers! with skim milk...,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lost in the Sea of Blubber

Place yourself out in the middle of the ocean where all you see is sky, water, and your vessel. Ah, this is beautiful. As you look about and scan the sky, you see a speck growing larger and larger. Gradually you can make out a parachute with a human dangling below the billowing fabric.

You think back and recall the distant sound of a plane flying over several minutes ago. This person must have jumped from the plane. Why? Why out here in the middle of nowhere? And where are they going to land as they float closer and closer to you? Yep, that's right. On your deck. They're aiming right for your deck. It's the only thing in sight for miles.

Thud! Bump! Plop! Rustle, flap, flap, flap. "Hello!" she says gathering up her chute in her arms fishing the last of it out of the water. You're too much in shock to even get out a "ha," and before you can ask, "What the...." when she inquires, "Where ya from?"

"USA,"  you stammer, throwing in, "Heading to the Bahamas" 'cause you knew that was going to be the next question.
"Me too," she sings. "Where are your charts and compass? You seem to be off course, at least that's how it appears from above."

You insist, "I don't need charts and a compass. The islands are just right over there!" pointing and thinking, "Who IS this person?" knowing in fact that you have no idea what direction you are truly pointing toward with nothing but sky and water as far as the eye can see.

Buzzzzzzzzzz. Alarm goes off. You wake up dazed and groggy, then, gaining consciousness, begin to pray, "Thank God it was a dream!" and crawl out of bed. You can't believe you were trying to defend your position while lost at sea with nothing to guide you to your destination, secretly glad to have company while drifting alone in the middle of nowhere.

Sipping coffee, you think back to yesterday and the conversation with your dietitian. She tried to explain why it's so important to keep your food diary up to date.
She explained it's like trying to sail from one point to another without a compass and charts, like how do you know which direction to head if you don't know where you'll never get to where you want to go. "They don't paint white lines on the water nor post road signs along the way. Chart your course and keep your eyes on the compass, otherwise........"

Sitting down at the computer you begin to chart, er, type what you just had for breakfast and say to yourself, "She's right. I'm stayin' on course. Dietitians make good navigators. I never want to be lost in a sea of blubber again."

Here's to your health! (and smooth sailing) Check out

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What? No Milk!

Can you imagine a day without the rich nutrition of dairy foods? I certainly cannot, no way, not me! I've been drinking milk and eating cheese and ice cream ever since I can remember. Without diary foods in my daily diet I would run the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Read on and, oh, pass the milk please!

On June 22, 2010, I found myself at the Dairy Science Forum in Alexandria, Virginia, to explore the science and solutions for a condition known as lactose intolerance. I joined fellow health and nutrition experts and leaders from across the country in a two-way dialogue on the best approaches for translating the latest scientific guidance on lactose intolerance into a road map of practical solutions to share with you, my clients, my friends and the public.

This was a communications workshop designed to come up with an action plan to plot a new course to address lactose intolerance myths and provide a variety of tailored solutions for those who live with lactose intolerance.
Most of us have heard of lactose intolerance. Yes, and some of us live with it. It's a relatively rare condition that leads one to eliminate milk products from one's diet. Those with lactose intolerance are not able to completely digest lactose, the natural sugar in milk, because they do not produce enough of the enzyme lactase which digests the lactose. The incomplete digestion of lactose can result in some abdominal discomfort which is why people with this condition start to avoid milk products.

This is most unfortunate because when we eliminate those nutritious milk products in an effort to 
stop the abdominal discomfort, we invite a whole set of health risks, like diabetes and obesity. The myth that people with lactose intolerance cannot have milk products is, well, a myth! Small amounts of lactose can be tolerated by those with lactose intolerance when it is introduced into one's diet gradually in small amounts. 

There is another great option that can be used to stay well nourished if one must contend with lactose intolerance. Products such as Lactaid are widely available. Lactaid is real milk which has been processed to eliminate the sugar lactose. Lactaid has all the same great nutrients that real milk has and can be used in recipes just like real milk because it is real milk. Contact me for a free coupon!

      Now here's my quickest and simplest 
         Recipe for Pineapple Smoothie:
1. Pick out a fun glass.
2. Mix pineapple juice and buttermilk to taste.
3. Enjoy!

Aaahhh! Life with dairy is so good!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Heading to Class

My time has turned to planning classes now since I've accepted a teaching job at the University of Indianapolis. This fall I'll be teaching Basic Sports Nutrition in the Department of Kinesiology. Ever since I decided on a major in nutrition at Purdue, I've wanted to help people make the most of their food choices to stay healthy and happy.

It's funny I said my main interest was with "normal" nutrition; that was before the terms "fitness" and "wellness" had been coined. We are still learning new things about food and nutrition. It's a challenge to keep up. Never boring.

Later this month I will travel to the Dairy Management Science Forum with two dietitian friends to learn more about lactose intolerance and solutions. It's going to be fun and interesting--getting to mix business with pleasure. Thanks Dairy Association of Indiana, Inc. and Dairy & Nutrition Council Inc.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, it's still a matter of balance. I have been busy building a website and fretting over the neglect of the blogspot! Now that the website is hopefully complete, I can share in the fun and facts flying through the www on bolgspot.

I need some of your brains to mingle with my efforts to give me perspective, and, there it is again, balance. When you get a chance check it out.    (Look I'm practicing with the links button!)
What would you do differently if you were constructing this site?

I met some amazing men and women working out at Indy Boot Camp yesterday. I'm not kidding, those folks were working out like marines. I teamed up with the leader of the boot camp to offer the total package: activity and nutrition. He's activity; I'm nutrition.

We are going to do a weight control program for those who are interested in learning more nutrition facts to supplement their super workout efforts. I'm calling it the UN-Diet program. Just need to balance the in and the out with calories with the right variety of food choices. Going to make it a positive experience.

Now take a deep breath and enjoy this beautiful site below.

    One of my favorite cruising grounds: South Benjamin Island, Lake Huron


Thursday, April 29, 2010

One, two, three. I followed the numbers in Blog 101 to get here, and here I am. There are important things to share, stories to tell, problems to solve, and belly laughs to swap and make us healthy. Yes, healthy! It's healthy to laugh. Laugh hard and often, daily. It cures us of all sorts of aliments.

It's all about wellness. It's about balance and loving life and taking care of one another.

I met some incredible people while learning to release those human creative juices, people worth caring for and about. They cared about each other and the world. They loved their families and their friends. You could tell. And we laughed with one another and at ourselves. Now we're ready to gather again and at a higher level. Yeah. We've graduated to Blog 201.

What's new in your life? What's important to you? More important, what's funny to you? I'd really like to know. Here's a funny from me.